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Hello my name is Chris Dervin. I started my paraglider training late January 2016 with Derbyshire Flying Centre in the Peak District. By the end of 2016 I had passed my Pilot exams and completed over 70 hrs / 200 flights post CP.

My progression has, in the main been due to the fantastic support from the Derbyshire Soaring Club, its pilots, coaches and the many flying buddies. Especially former Chief Coach, Alan Horsfield who supported me with my Pilot and Advanced Pilot Exams.

As a new pilot and one that still gets things wrong I created this site to hopefully help others with the things I have found useful so far.

I have now 400 hrs logged in my first three years. I hope that you find this site helpful and let me know if you would like to see stuff added. Please seek feedback and advice on your flying from Club Coaches, Senior Coaches and your CFI's.

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