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Where can you get to, wind, cross wind, airspace? Check previous league flights or local pilots. Create and download waypoints for a flight, import them to your Kobo?
Check Notams for your flight, note them down or import them to your Kobo?
Check thermals, wind, SkewT
Find flights upload yours
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So you have never flown XC how do you get started?

  • A guided holiday is useful as you don't need to worry about retrieves and will get some advice on weather and landing out.

  • The Peak District is good to practice site to sites and short hops as you may be able to get a lift back from other pilots or pre-organise your own

  • Before you start you should have your Pilot rating or be on your way to it and have had a briefing from a coach or CFI

RHADS Corridor Briefing

Telegram XC Retrieve Info:

N.B.   XC site now called:

Some of my first UK short hops:

Transponder System pilot to pilot and pilot to ground
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